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Citrus Grove Soy Candle, Double Wick

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Brighten your day with our Citrus Grove Soy Candle. It's like taking a walk through an orange grove! Let the fresh citrus, orange, and floral notes bring some sunshine into your home.

Soy wax is renewable, biodegradable, and vegan.

Additional Information

Weight: 10 oz • 284g
Dimensions: 4 × 4 × 4 in
Burn Time: 50 to 60 hours

About Extraordinary Gifts

Extraordinary Gifts is one of six business enterprises operated by Extraordinary Ventures, a non-profit based in Chapel Hill, NC. Our mission is to create and nurture self-sustaining small businesses with the philosophy that all people are employable. We focus on providing employment opportunities for an often overlooked workforce – Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities such as autism.

With every purchase at Extraordinary Gifts, you contribute to creating meaningful employment for a neurodiverse workforce.

Extraordinary Gifts also partners with other local inclusive employers for supplies and design services as much as possible to amplify the impact of each purchase throughout the community.

    Citrus Grove Soy Candle, Double Wick
    Citrus Grove Soy Candle, Double Wick
    Double wick candle burning


    Are your candles 100% soy wax?

    Yes, all Extraordinary Gifts candles are created from 100% soy wax. The soy wax we use is sourced from an inclusive employer that uses only American-grown soy to make the wax.

    Why are soy wax candles better for you?

    Soy wax candles are healthier than other candles because they burn cleanly. The soy wax we use in our candles is a healthy, all natural, clean-burning, vegetable-based wax.

    Are soy wax candles better for the environment?

    Yes, soy wax candles are better for the environment. Unlike paraffin, which is a petroleum by-product, soy is a renewable resource. Our eco-friendly soy wax candles are vegan and vegetable-based and do not produce soot or other harmful byproducts.

    How long do your soy wax candles last?

    Our high quality soy wax candles burn from 20 - 60 hours, depending on the candle type. Soy wax burns much longer than cheaper paraffin candles. Our soy candles are not only healthier, they are a good value because they last so long.

    How can I make my candles last longer?

    Burn candles for 1-2 hours for an even melt pool. You can trim the wick each time you re-light your candle for a nice, stable burn. Be sure to place your candles in places away from drafts to avoid soot marks inside the vessel. Tip: when only about ¼ - ½ inch of wax remains in the bottom, it is time to repurpose the vessel.

    Are your soaps suitable for all skin types?

    Yes, our handmade soaps are suitable for all skin types. Created from natural ingredients and clean scents, they are naturally exfoliating, yet gentle.


    • Selecting a meaningful holiday gift for corporate partners and high value clients can be excruciatingly tedious. Thankfully, Extraordinary Gifts was able to create the perfect solution for our business in the form of a custom candle that spoke to both our core values and the specific mission of Extraordinary Ventures. They were even able to coordinate delivery of the candles to our numerous branch offices across North Carolina. Aside from the support our business provides to Extraordinary Ventures's goal of creating employment for all people, these candles presented a turn-key solution to our corporate branding that could not have been easier. I cannot speak highly enough of our partnership with Extraordinary Ventures and hope that other groups will consider the meaningful impact that working with Extraordinary Ventures can have on our community.

      Daniel Hatley, Owner/Managing Attorney,
    • Extraordinary Gifts’ custom candles were a perfect gift for our stakeholders.  Extraordinary Ventures was very easy to work with and they designed beautiful, custom labels for the candles that highlighted our brand.  We always try to work with vendors who hire people with developmental disabilities, but at Extraordinary Ventures the real reason we keep going back to them is because the product is superior.  I would highly recommend them to any group connected with the developmental disability community.

      Alison Singer, President, Autism Science Foundation
    • Extraordinary Ventures wants the same for people with intellectual disabilities as we do in Special Olympics.  We’re both working to provide opportunities to improve their lives and make them an equal part of our communities.  Special Olympics uses sports as a foundation and Extraordinary Ventures uses job skills and training. We’re pleased to partner with Extraordinary Ventures by buying products that they make.

      Keith Fishburne, President & CEO of Special Olympics NC
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